Friday, June 26, 2015

Into me, see = Intimacy

Welcome to my new blog!

What a historic day to start my new blog.  Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide.  My News Feed on Facebook is filled with messages of gratitude and joy.  Sure, there are a few negative messages or preachy messages.  But all in all, I'm thrilled with the ruling and most reactions to it.
In that spirit, I am launching this new blog.  I will speak my mind, share some thoughts and musings, make some witty observations, stand up for those who lack the voice or freedom to say what they want to say, and provide some uplifting anecdotes or meditations.  And I will do it all without a mask or an alias. 
I am Nate Benincosa.  I am here to love, listen, strengthen and inspire.  I am here to learn, exchange ideas, be educated and guided.  Mostly, I am here to be authentic, genuine and as open minded as I know how to be.  I invite you to look at me, understand me, relate to me, challenge me.  I am naked before you, nothing to hide.  Into me, see = Intimacy.
I used to run an anonymous blog where I could share my inner-most thoughts and feelings.  Check it out if you're curious.  It's at  But now, I can share freely without any fear or concern of what others think.  I stand before my Maker, totally confident in His ability to make me a better person.  Although I'm a weak instrument in His hands, I will use this blog to helps others become more aware, more fair, more understanding, more patient and kind, more compassionate and ultimately, more Christ-like.
I invite you to participate as I take this journey.  It's a vulnerable thing to share so openly and publicly.  I am not doing it for myself.  I am doing it for those who need to draw upon the strength and experiences of others until they feel ready to express themselves in similar ways. 
I offer you my heart and soul and ask for yours in return.